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Uneven Driving? We Can Fix That.

Your trusted source for tire replacements in Red Bank, NJ

Does your car pull to one side? Do your tires sound or feel uneven when you drive? Come to VC Automotive in Red Bank, NJ. We handle tire replacements, suspension upgrades and steering adjustments. Not sure what's causing your car's alignment issues? Don't worry - we can diagnose and fix the problem.

Reach out today to find out what tires we have in stock.

Discover our steering and suspension services

Your car's steering and suspension are for your comfort as much as your safety. That's why VC Automotive offers:

  • High-performance suspension upgrades
  • Transmission replacements and repairs
  • Struts and shocks services
  • Rack and pinion services
  • Axle replacements
  • Tire replacements
Whether you're ready to upgrade your vehicle's suspension or you need to figure out what's wrong with your steering, we've got you covered. Call 732-530-9411 today to get your appointment on the books.